Our brand new divisions bring to life our vision of being a Content 360 Degree Network. Each of the division is hyper focused in delivering value through leveraging the best of technology coupled with real human insights.

Building Digital Destinations that span from simple websites to complex content platforms to mobile apps to games.

Influencer Management via data science and consumer understanding. We don’t just look at influencers with absolute numbers but rather pin-point influencers who could have the highest impact for your brand.

Patter Time stands for a story that a magician weaves before he shows his magic. Here we do just that our fabulous AR, VR, Surface and 3D experiences are brought alive through a compelling story that doesn’t just have an impact but is memorable.

At Monk we have a simple philosophy of Ideate, Create and Distribute. Each of our services falls under these larger pillars. We are your one stop shop for all things content. Our power of great execution is multiplied many fold with the addition of our strategic acumen and the aid of the latest and best technology.
Our Team
We are a 60 people strong team of story tellers, artists and technologists. A vibrant mix of young kids born in to the digital generation and an experienced leadership that has a proven track record of building brands across categories.

Ashish Patkar

Founder & CEO at Monk Media Network

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