client : NBA
services : Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Content Creation
category : Sports

To encourage the Indian audience, fans as well as non-fans to actively engage and consume the brand’s content.

The Objective



NBA is an American sports league with over 35 million fans worldwide. But when it comes to India, it stood at the bottom of the Indian sports market. Clearly, the Indian audience did not connect with basketball as much as they did with their local favourite sports close to home. Nevertheless, the brand knew that the Indian sports market was booming and wanted a big piece of that cake.

Creative Thought

At the core, we knew what the audience wanted, they wanted to be entertained, and if there’s one thing that can entertain the Indian audience, it’s good old Bollywood.


NBA Bollywood Tunings

The goal here was to encourage the fans to consume the brand’s lead content in Hindi and increase the social chatter around it. Looking at the way sports tunings are done across the social ecosystem and inspired by old school movie posters, we created Bollywood theme storylines incorporating NBA star players.


visual core

To make the brand more relatable to the Indian audience, we adopted a host of different approaches to capture the true “Desi” side of NBA that in turn, enabled the audience to connect with the brand’s content.

NBA-The Indian Makeover

Our iconic video series of humorous sports tunings alone boosted the brand’s page views by 3707%. To keep the ball rolling, we invited NBA stars to come down to India while NBA in the US brought on an explosion of culture on the court. The cherry on top was setting a record for the biggest basketball training with Kevin Durant!

The following stats prove that the overall strategy and execution touched the Indian nerve amongst our audiences. It also kept them engaged throughout the season with the audience and was an even a hit amongst the social influencers.

campaign insights


With the glocal content strategy, NBA India's engagement, likes, and shares escalated by 11 times in just about 7 months and that was just a start.